20th Wedding Anniversary: China

1 Oct 2023·14 min to read
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Planning a 20th wedding anniversary can be quite the task, especially when you're searching for the perfect gift. Did you know that China, known for its elegance and beauty, is the traditional gift of choice for this milestone? Our curated list of chic and unique china gifts will help take away any stress in finding a meaningful present.

Read on to discover an array of attractive items that not only symbolize two decades of love, but also promises more years of shared bliss.

Key Takeaways

  • China is the traditional gift of choice for a 20th wedding anniversary, symbolizing elegance and beauty.
  • There are various chic and unique china gifts that make perfect presents for a 20th anniversary, such as dinnerware collections, cake stands, picture frames, candles, and mirrors.
  • Personalized china gifts add a sentimental touch to the celebration, including custom engraved picture frames, ceramic ornaments, necklaces, and fine bone china plates.

The Best China Anniversary Gifts for Your 20th Anniversary

Celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary with the best China anniversary gifts, including the elegant Olivia & Oliver Harper Marble Gold Dinnerware Collection in Blue, the luxurious Versace La Scala del Palazzo Mug, and the exquisite Michael Aram Pomegranate Casserole.

Marble Gold Dinnerware Collection in Blue

Illuminate your 20th wedding anniversary with an exquisite marble gold dinnerware collection in blue. This enchanting set expertly blends modern style with timeless symbolism. Meticulously crafted from fine bone china, each piece captures the delicacy of your relationship, which has blossomed over two decades. Not only does it serve as a stunning centerpiece during celebratory meals, but it also boasts practicality, being dishwasher and microwave safe. The brilliant blue marble design with gold accents will hold a special place in your home, daily reminding you of twenty years filled with love and commitment.

Porcelain Mug

The porcelain mug is a luxurious and practical China anniversary gift that is sure to impress your loved one. Crafted from fine bone china, this beautifully designed mug is perfect for sipping favorite beverages and bringing elegance to morning routines. Its delicate and sophisticated design adds an extra touch of refinement to every cuppa, making it a cherished item for years to come.

Pomegranate Casserole

The exquisite pomegranate casserole is a symbol of abundance and celebration, making it an ideal gift for your 20th wedding anniversary. Crafted with attention to detail, this casserole dish not only adds elegance to the dining table but also serves as a functional piece in the kitchen. Its durable porcelain construction ensures it will be treasured for its beauty and utility, becoming an essential part of your culinary adventures.

Ginger Party Jar

The ginger party jar is a delightful and practical China anniversary gift that will surely impress your loved one. This beautifully designed jar, made from fine bone china, is perfect for storing cookies, snacks, or even serving as a decorative piece in the kitchen or dining room. Its elegant shape and intricate motif add an extra touch of sophistication to any home decor. With meticulous attention to detail, this unique jar is a thoughtful choice for celebrating two decades of love and commitment.

Porcelain Cake Stand

The porcelain cake stand is a beautiful and practical gift option for your 20th wedding anniversary. Made from high-quality porcelain, this cake stand adds an elegant touch to any celebration. Its classic design and durable construction make it suitable for showcasing cakes, pastries, or hors d'oeuvres. The white color of the porcelain complements any table setting, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen collection. Dishwasher and microwave safe, it is easy to clean and convenient for serving purposes.

Wedding Picture Frame

Celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary in style with the wedding picture frame. Made from high-quality china, this elegant and chic frame is the perfect way to display one of your favorite wedding photos, capturing the memories of that special day. Its beautiful design with delicate detailing adds a touch of sophistication to any decor. This thoughtful and sentimental gift will be cherished for years to come, reminding you both of the love and happiness you shared on your wedding day. Whether displayed in the living room or bedroom, this picture frame symbolizes the enduring bond between you and your spouse after two decades of marriage.

Porcelain Candle

The porcelain candle is a stunning and unique China anniversary gift option. This beautifully designed candle features an intricate motif, symbolizing protection and good luck. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, it is a true work of art. The candle not only emits a soothing glow but also serves as a gorgeous decorative piece for any room. Whether celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary or looking for a thoughtful gift for a special couple, the porcelain candle impresses with its elegance and symbolism.

Porcelain Vanity Mirror

The porcelain vanity mirror is a stunning and luxurious gift option for your 20th wedding anniversary. This exquisitely crafted mirror combines the elegance of porcelain, creating a truly unique piece. The delicate floral design adds an extra touch of sophistication. Not only is this vanity mirror a practical item for any couple's dressing table, but it also serves as a beautiful decorative piece that can enhance the aesthetic of any room. Its timeless design ensures that it will be cherished and admired for years to come, making it a perfect symbol of lasting love and devotion.

Porcelain Hoop Earrings

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your 20th wedding anniversary celebration with stunning porcelain hoop earrings. Made from delicate porcelain, these earrings feature intricate designs that add a unique and vintage-inspired charm. The combination of the hoop design and the porcelain material creates a beautiful contrast that is sure to be admired by all. These earrings are not only a stylish accessory but also carry symbolic meaning for your special milestone. Incorporating the delicacy of china, they represent the beauty and strength of your enduring love over the past two decades. Celebrate this momentous occasion with a gift that encapsulates both tradition and fashion-forward style.

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Personalized China Anniversary Gifts

- Customize your 20th anniversary celebration with personalized china gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Engraved Picture Frame

A custom engraved picture frame makes for a sentimental and thoughtful China anniversary gift. Personalized with the couple's names or wedding date, this unique keepsake allows them to showcase one of their favorite memories from the past 20 years.

Whether it's a cherished wedding photo or a snapshot of a special moment, the custom engraving adds an extra touch of love and significance to the frame. Made from fine china or porcelain, this elegant piece not only honors the traditional symbolism of China but also becomes a beautiful decoration in their home.

20th Anniversary Ceramic Ornament

The 20th Anniversary Ceramic Ornament is a thoughtful and sentimental gift option for couples celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Made from high-quality ceramic, this ornament captures the essence of this special milestone in a couple's journey together.

With its elegant design and intricate detailing, it serves as a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished for years to come. The ceramic material ensures durability, making it a lasting reminder of the love and commitment shared over two decades.

Whether displayed on a Christmas tree or showcased in a special spot all year round, the 20th Anniversary Ceramic Ornament adds an extra touch of celebration to this significant occasion.

In addition to being a meaningful decorative piece, the 20th Anniversary Ceramic Ornament also holds symbolic significance. China represents the delicacy and beauty of the relationship, making it an appropriate choice for this milestone anniversary.

Personalized 20th Anniversary Necklace

One unique and sentimental gift idea for a 20th wedding anniversary is a personalized necklace. A customized necklace allows you to engrave your names or initials, along with the date of your special day, onto a beautiful piece of jewelry.

This thoughtful gesture not only celebrates your two decades of love and commitment but also creates a lasting keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. Whether it's crafted from delicate silver or adorned with shimmering gemstones, a personalized 20th-anniversary necklace is sure to touch the heart of your loved one and serve as a symbol of your enduring bond.

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Personalized Fine Bone China Plate

A personalized fine bone china plate makes for a meaningful and elegant gift for a 20th wedding anniversary. This delicate and exquisite piece of tableware not only showcases the couple's names or initials but also adds a personal touch to their dining experience.

Crafted from fine bone china, this plate is not just visually stunning but also durable enough to be enjoyed for years to come. It symbolizes the strength and resilience of their relationship as they celebrate two decades of love and commitment.

Whether used as a decorative piece or for special meals together, this personalized plate will serve as a cherished reminder of their enduring bond.

Personalized China Wedding Anniversary Frame

A personalized China wedding anniversary frame is a thoughtful and sentimental gift idea for celebrating your 20th anniversary. This unique keepsake allows you to showcase a cherished photo from your special day, making it a wonderful way to commemorate two decades of love and commitment.

With its delicate design and fine craftsmanship, the China frame adds an elegant touch to any home decor. Whether you choose porcelain or bone china, this personalized anniversary gift will be treasured for years to come.

It's a perfect reminder of the beautiful journey you've embarked on together as a couple.


In conclusion, celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary with China gifts is a beautiful way to honor the delicacy and beauty of your relationship. Whether it's fine porcelain dinnerware or personalized keepsakes, these thoughtful gifts will surely make this milestone anniversary even more special.

Cheers to 20 years of love and commitment!

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