40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

5 Oct 2023·18 min to read
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Struggling to find the perfect gift for a 40th wedding anniversary? The ruby, with its deep red hue symbolizing love and raw emotion, is traditionally associated with this milestone occasion.

This article aims to guide you through the intricacies of celebrating a Ruby Anniversary, providing unique and thoughtful gift suggestions that hit all the right notes. Let's dive into unearthing some dazzling ideas guaranteed to make your loved one feel cherished on their special day!

Key Takeaways

  • The 40th wedding anniversary is known as the Ruby Anniversary, and it is traditionally celebrated with gifts and celebrations that incorporate the color red and the symbolism of rubies.
  • The ruby symbolizes love, passion, and raw emotion, making it a meaningful choice for honoring four decades of marriage.
  • Ideas for celebrating a Ruby Anniversary include throwing a ruby-themed party, renewing vows in a ceremony with ruby accents, creating personalized love letters, or planting a ruby-red flower garden together.
  • Gift ideas for the 40th wedding anniversary range from canvas prints with a ruby theme to mini-break experiences or personalized celebration sponge cakes. For her, a rose gold and ruby ring is an elegant choice while distillery tours or whiskey sets make great gifts for him.

Understanding the 40th Wedding Anniversary

The 40th wedding anniversary, also known as the Ruby Anniversary, is a significant milestone for couples celebrating four decades of love and commitment.

Historical background of the Ruby Anniversary tradition

The tradition of celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary with rubies has deep roots in history. It hails from medieval Germany where husbands crowned their wives with a wreath made of rubies to mark this significant milestone, symbolizing the enduring flame of love after four fruitful decades together.

This beautiful tradition later migrated to the United Kingdom and the United States. Today it is a universal practice on every continent, held in high regard by couples worldwide due to its romantic symbolism and the ruby's renowned beauty.

The ruby is not just an opulent gemstone; it embodies strength, vitality, prosperity - qualities that resonate deeply within long-lasting marriages. So as couples celebrate their 40th year together, they're not just marking time passed but honoring a bond that reflects these same noble attributes mirrored by years of dedication and mutual growth.

Symbolism of the ruby and its association with the 40th anniversary

The ruby holds deep symbolism and significance when it comes to the 40th wedding anniversary. This beautiful gemstone, with its vibrant red color, represents love, passion, and raw emotion - qualities that are essential for a lasting marriage.

The ruby's intense hue is often associated with the burning flame of eternal love and serves as a reminder of the commitment and devotion shared by couples who have reached this milestone in their journey together.

As the national gemstone of Burma, rubies also symbolize strength, vitality, and prosperity. It is no wonder that rubies are both the traditional and modern gift choice for celebrating 40 years of marriage, making them an exquisite way to honor this incredible achievement.

Ideas for celebrating a Ruby Anniversary

  • Throw a ruby - themed party with decorations, table settings, and attire in shades of red.
  • Plan a romantic getaway to a destination known for its ruby-colored sunsets or red landscapes.
  • Renew your vows in a ceremony surrounded by family and friends, with ruby accents incorporated into the décor and wedding attire.
  • Take a trip down memory lane by creating a photo slideshow or video montage highlighting precious moments from the past 40 years.
  • Host an intimate dinner party at home, featuring dishes made with ruby-colored ingredients such as tomatoes, beets, and red wine.
  • Arrange a surprise date night at a restaurant known for its romantic ambiance, where you can indulge in delicious food and toast to 40 years of love.
  • Create a custom playlist of songs that hold special meaning to your relationship, and spend the evening dancing together under the stars.
  • Give each other handwritten love letters expressing your gratitude and admiration for one another.
  • Plant a ruby - red flower garden together as a symbol of your enduring love and watch it bloom year after year.
  • Donate to a charity or volunteer together as a couple to give back to your community and honor the spirit of compassion that has sustained your marriage for four decades.
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40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and the Couple

For the 40th wedding anniversary, there are plenty of gift ideas for him, her, and the couple to choose from.

Canvas print with a ruby theme

A canvas print with a ruby theme is a unique and thoughtful gift idea to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary. A canvas print allows you to transform cherished memories into beautiful works of art that can be displayed in the couple's home.

By choosing a ruby-themed design, you can incorporate the symbolic gemstone of the anniversary into the artwork, making it even more meaningful. Whether it's a photo collage or an artistic representation of their love story, a canvas print with a ruby theme is sure to be treasured by the couple for years to come.

It's a perfect way to commemorate four decades of love, loyalty, and devotion while embracing the traditional symbolism associated with the 40th wedding anniversary.

Mini-break experiences

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary? Consider indulging in a mini-break experience that will create lasting memories.

A romantic getaway or a fun adventure can be the perfect gift for both of you to enjoy together. Whether it's a cozy cabin nestled in nature, an upscale hotel in a bustling city, or even a luxurious cruise, there are plenty of options to suit every couple's preferences.

Take some time away from daily routines and responsibilities and bask in each other's company while exploring new places or simply relaxing by the beach. Treat yourselves to this special occasion and make the most of your milestone anniversary with an unforgettable mini-break experience.

Ruby-themed gardening gifts

For couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, ruby-themed gardening gifts can be a unique and thoughtful choice. Planting ruby-colored flowers or shrubs in their garden not only adds a splash of vibrant color but also symbolizes the deep love and passion that has blossomed over four decades of marriage.

Some ideas include ruby-red roses, tulips, or geraniums. Another option is to gift them a customized garden flag or stepping stones with ruby accents, creating a beautiful reminder of their milestone anniversary every time they step outside.

These gardening gifts perfectly encapsulate the enduring love and devotion represented by the ruby gemstone while adding beauty and charm to their outdoor space.

Ruby chocolate truffles

Indulge in the sweet and luxurious taste of ruby chocolate truffles, a delectable treat perfect for celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. These exquisite confections are made from ruby cocoa beans, which naturally have a unique pink hue and a subtly fruity flavor profile.

Bite into these delicious truffles to experience the harmonious combination of smooth chocolate ganache and the vibrant essence of ruby cocoa. Whether you're enjoying them as part of an intimate celebration or gifting them to your loved ones, ruby chocolate truffles add an elegant touch to any Ruby Anniversary festivities.

Treat yourself and your significant other with this luscious delight, symbolizing love, passion, and the delightful journey you've shared over four decades together.

Personalized celebration sponge cake

A personalized celebration sponge cake is a fun and delicious way to commemorate a couple's 40th wedding anniversary. This unique gift idea allows you to create a special cake that reflects the couple's journey together.

Whether it's their names, wedding date, or even a meaningful quote, you can personalize the cake with edible decorations that make it truly one-of-a-kind. The red color of the ruby anniversary can be incorporated into the cake design using vibrant icing or fondant accents.

A celebratory sponge cake not only satisfies sweet cravings but also adds a personal touch to this milestone occasion.

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Unique and Thoughtful 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For her, a rose gold and ruby ring adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to commemorate the 40th wedding anniversary.

Rose gold and ruby ring for her

A rose gold and ruby ring is a stunning gift choice for her on the 40th wedding anniversary. The combination of the rosy hue and vibrant red gemstone symbolizes love, passion, and devotion in a marriage that has lasted four decades.

Rubies are believed to possess an eternal inner flame, representing the enduring flame of love between couples celebrating this milestone. A rose gold setting adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to this special piece of jewelry.

It's a timeless gift that she can wear every day as a reminder of the love and commitment shared with her partner over the years.

Compass Box Vellichor whiskey for him

For the husband celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary, a unique and thoughtful gift idea could be the Compass Box Vellichor whiskey. This special edition whiskey is crafted with a blend of rare malt whiskies, creating a rich and complex flavor profile that embodies sophistication and elegance.

Vellichor represents the aroma of old books, symbolizing the depth of memories shared by the couple over the past four decades. With its smooth finish and hints of oak, vanilla, and spice, this whiskey will not only delight his taste buds but also serve as a reminder of cherished moments throughout their marriage.

Distressed leather journal with personalization

A thoughtful and unique gift idea for a 40th wedding anniversary is a distressed leather journal with personalized initials or names engraved on the cover.

This elegant and classic gift option not only celebrates the milestone of forty years together but also provides a beautiful keepsake for capturing memories and reflections.

The rugged yet sophisticated look of the distressed leather adds character, while the personalization adds a special touch that makes it truly one-of-a-kind. Whether used as a diary, travel journal, or simply for jotting down thoughts, this personalized distressed leather journal will be cherished by the couple celebrating their ruby anniversary.

Heart-shaped ruby anniversary card

A heart-shaped ruby anniversary card is a thoughtful and sentimental gift idea for celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. The ruby, with its deep red color symbolizing love and passion, perfectly represents the milestone of 40 years of marriage.

A heart-shaped design adds an extra touch of romance to this special occasion. Whether it's a handmade card or one purchased from a store, a heart-shaped ruby anniversary card can convey heartfelt emotions and serve as a beautiful keepsake for the couple.

Adding personalized messages or photos inside the card can make it even more meaningful. Celebrate four decades of loyalty and devotion with this charming token of love.

The key facts used in this paragraph are:

- The deep red color of the ruby symbolizes love, passion, and raw emotion.

Ruby wedding anniversary map heart card

The Ruby wedding anniversary map heart card is a unique and thoughtful gift idea for couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. This special card features a heart-shaped design filled with maps that hold sentimental value to the couple, such as places they have traveled together or where they got married.

The ruby-themed element adds an extra touch of significance, symbolizing love and passion in their enduring relationship. This personalized and heartfelt gesture showcases the couple's journey over the past four decades, creating a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.


Celebrate four decades of love and devotion with the vibrant and passionate 40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby. The ruby, a symbol of eternal flame and raw emotion, perfectly represents the milestone reached by couples commemorating their 40th anniversary.

Whether it's through thoughtful gifts or a ruby-themed celebration, this special occasion is an opportunity to cherish the strength, vitality, and prosperity that comes from forty years of marriage.

Cheers to the ruby anniversary and many more years filled with love!