Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup

18 Oct 2023·25 min to read
Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup 01


Nailing the perfect wedding hair and makeup can often seem daunting. Did you know that drinking plenty of water before your big day can help give your skin a healthy glow? This blog post is here to guide you on how to make the best choices for your bridal look, from finding a trusted professional team, to considering seasonal factors in planning your style.

Let's dive right in - helpful tips and tricks for flawless wedding beauty await!

Key Takeaways

  • Start planning your wedding day look early and take your time in finding a trusted professional hair and makeup team.
  • Prep your skin by drinking plenty of water, booking facials or skincare treatments, and maintaining a daily skincare routine.
  • Test out different tones and styles for your makeup before the big day to find the perfect look that complements your skin tone.
  • Use a primer before applying foundation to create a smooth canvas and make your makeup last longer throughout the day.
  • Bring blotting sheets to control excess oil and shine on your face without ruining your makeup.
  • Find a hairstylist who specializes in bridal hairstyles and book a trial run to ensure you're happy with the final look.
  • Consider factors like hair length, texture, and emphasis on eyes when choosing a wedding hairstyle that will hold up throughout the day.

Essential Tips for Wedding Makeup

Give yourself plenty of time to do your wedding makeup so that you can take your time and not feel rushed.

Give yourself time

Planning your wedding day look demands careful consideration. Start by choosing the season, as it impacts everything, from hair and makeup to bridal wear. For a flawless appearance, allow ample time to find a team of professional hair and makeup artists that you trust.

To ensure their style matches your vision, check portfolios and read reviews before making a decision. Booking a trial session is vital too; it helps communicate desired styles effectively using photos and prevents any dissatisfaction on the big day.

Keep in mind that good skincare, including hydration through adequate water intake, can enhance your overall look. Lastly, make sure not to compromise on timing – having enough time for hair and makeup services is key to maintaining a stress-free experience throughout your wedding day.

Prep your skin

To achieve a flawless wedding day makeup look, it's essential to prep your skin properly. Start by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your wedding to ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing.

Additionally, consider booking a facial or skincare treatment a couple of weeks before your big day to address any specific concerns such as acne or dryness. It's also important to cleanse and moisturize your face daily, using products that are suitable for your skin type.

Lastly, don't forget to apply sunscreen every day leading up to the wedding, as protecting your skin from the sun will help ensure an even complexion on the big day.

Test out tones and styles

Before your wedding day, it's crucial to test out different tones and styles for your makeup. Take the time to experiment with various shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to see what complements your skin tone best.

Don't be afraid to try different looks, from natural to more glamorous, to find the perfect style that makes you feel beautiful and confident on your big day. Additionally, make sure to take photos of each look you try so that you can evaluate them later and decide which one suits you best.

By testing out tones and styles beforehand, you'll have peace of mind knowing exactly what makeup look will make you shine on your wedding day.

Use a primer

Using a primer is an essential step in achieving perfect wedding makeup. A primer creates a smooth canvas for your foundation, helps it last longer throughout the day, and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines.

By applying a thin layer of primer before your foundation, you can ensure that your makeup stays flawless from morning until night. Look for a primer that suits your skin type and addresses any specific concerns you may have, such as oily skin or redness.

Drinking lots of water before the big day will also help to ensure healthy-looking skin!

Bring blotting sheets

To keep your wedding makeup looking flawless throughout the day, it's essential to bring blotting sheets with you. Blotting sheets are thin, absorbent papers that can help control excess oil and shine on your face without ruining your makeup.

By gently pressing these sheets onto your skin, they absorb any oil and leave you with a fresh, matte finish. This is especially important if you have oily or combination skin as it can help prevent any unwanted shine in photos.

So be sure to tuck some blotting sheets into your bridal touch-up kit for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day.

Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup 02

Essential Tips for Wedding Hair

- Find the right stylist who specializes in bridal hairstyles.

- Take photos during your trial run to see how your hair looks from different angles and lighting.

- Consider your hair length and texture when choosing a wedding hairstyle that will hold up throughout the day.

Find the right stylist

Finding the right stylist for your wedding day is crucial to achieving the perfect hair and makeup look. It is important to do your research and read reviews of potential stylists in your area.

Take the time to check their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your preferences. Booking a trial session with your chosen stylist is also highly recommended so you can communicate clearly what you want and make any necessary adjustments before the big day.

Remember, a professional hair and makeup team that you trust will help you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Take photos during your trial run

During your hair and makeup trial run, don't forget to take photos of the final look. This will allow you to see how everything translates on camera and ensure that you're happy with the way it looks in photos.

You can also use these photos as a reference for your wedding day, showing your stylist exactly what you loved about the trial look. It's an essential step in perfecting your wedding hair and makeup, so make sure to snap some pictures during your trial session.

Consider hair length and texture

When planning your wedding hair, it's important to consider your hair length and texture. Different hairstyles work better with certain lengths and textures, so it's essential to choose a style that complements your natural hair.

For example, if you have short hair, you may opt for a chic updo or add accessories like headbands or clips. On the other hand, if you have long hair, you can experiment with various styles such as loose waves or an intricate braided look.

Similarly, if you have thin hair, adding volume with extensions or using texturizing products can create a fuller appearance. Conversely, if you have thick and voluminous hair, sleek and polished looks may work best.

Emphasize your eyes

To create a stunning wedding makeup look, it's crucial to emphasize your eyes. Use eyeshadows that complement your eye color and add depth and dimension to the lids. For example, if you have blue eyes, opt for warm tones like bronze or peach to make them pop.

To open up the eyes even more, apply a light shimmer shade in the inner corners.

Another great way to emphasize your eyes is by using individual false lashes. They can give you a natural yet glamorous fluttery effect without overpowering your overall look. Additionally, don't forget to fill in your eyebrows as this frames the face and adds definition to your eye area.

When it comes to wedding hair, consider hairstyles that will draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Updos with soft tendrils or half-up styles with loose curls cascading down can help frame your face and bring focus to your eyes.

Use individual false lashes

To enhance your wedding day look, consider using individual false lashes. These can provide a natural and fluttery effect to your lashes, adding extra dimension and drama to your eyes.

Individual false lashes are easy to apply and give you more control over the desired length and volume. They blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, creating a flawless finish for those up-close wedding photos.

By opting for individual lashes instead of strip lashes, you can achieve a more customized look that lasts throughout the entire celebration.

Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup

Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Makeup

Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Makeup include taking care of your skin, wearing a t-shirt in a similar color to your dress, bringing references to your trial, researching application methods, and highlighting the brow bone.

Take care of your skin

To achieve a flawless wedding day makeup look, it's important to take care of your skin leading up to the big day. Hydrating from within is key, so make sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your wedding for healthy-looking skin.

Additionally, establish a skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily. This will help keep your skin clear and glowing on your special day. Don't forget about exfoliation either; it's essential for removing dead skin cells and creating a smooth canvas for makeup application.

Prioritize sunscreen every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays as well. By taking care of your skin with these simple steps, you'll be one step closer to achieving that perfect wedding day glow.

Wear a t-shirt in a similar color to your dress

To ensure a seamless and cohesive bridal look, it is recommended to wear a t-shirt in a similar color to your wedding dress when getting ready. This will help you see how the colors of your makeup and hair complement the overall aesthetic.

By wearing a shirt that closely matches your dress, you can also prevent any potential staining or smudging accidents from ruining your beautiful gown. Remember, even though it may seem like a small detail, every little consideration contributes to creating the perfect wedding day look.

Bring references to your trial

To ensure that your wedding hair and makeup trial goes smoothly, be sure to bring references to show your stylist. This could include photos of hairstyles or makeup looks that you love, as well as any specific details or elements that you want to incorporate into your own look.

By bringing references, you can effectively communicate your desired style and preferences to your stylist, helping them understand exactly what you envision for your big day. This will help avoid any misunderstandings or disappointment on the wedding day itself.

Remember, clear communication with visual aids is key to achieving the perfect wedding hair and makeup look.

Research application methods

Researching application methods for wedding makeup is crucial to achieving a flawless look on your big day. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Watch tutorials online: Look for makeup tutorials specifically geared towards wedding makeup. These videos often include step-by-step instructions and tips from professional makeup artists.
  2. Read bridal magazines and blogs: Bridal magazines and blogs often feature articles and guides on wedding makeup application. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations on techniques and products.
  3. Take a class or workshop: Consider enrolling in a makeup class or workshop that focuses on bridal makeup application. This hands-on experience will allow you to learn from experts and practice different techniques.
  4. Consult with a professional makeup artist: Reach out to professional makeup artists in your area who specialize in bridal makeup. They can provide guidance on application methods and may even offer personalized lessons.
  5. Practice, practice, practice: Once you've learned new techniques, make sure to practice them multiple times before the wedding day. This will help you become more comfortable with the application process and ensure a smoother experience on the actual day.

Highlight the brow bone

Highlighting the brow bone is an essential step in achieving a perfect wedding makeup look. By applying a light, shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter to your brow bone, you can add dimension and lift to your eyes, creating a more youthful and awake appearance.

This technique also helps define the shape of your brows, making them stand out beautifully in photos. To ensure long-lasting results, choose a high-quality highlighting product that complements your skin tone and blend it gently using a small brush.

Highlighting the brow bone is just one of many tips to help you achieve flawless wedding makeup on your special day.

Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Hair

  • Schedule your hair trial 3-5 weeks before the wedding day.
  • Pack a touch-up kit with bobby pins, hairspray, and extra styling products.
  • Avoid using SPF products on your hair to prevent a white cast in photos.
  • Don't let a makeup artist decide on your hairstyle, communicate your desired look clearly.
  • Take your time on the wedding day to ensure every strand is perfect.

Have your trial 3-5 weeks before your wedding

Schedule your hair and makeup trial session 3-5 weeks before your wedding day. This timing allows you to make any necessary adjustments or changes if the initial trial doesn't align with your vision.

It also ensures that you have enough time to find another stylist if needed. By having the trial several weeks in advance, you can be confident that your chosen look will be perfect on your special day.

Bring a few products in your bag

Make sure to have a touch-up kit on hand for your wedding day. Bring a few essential products in your bag to keep your hair and makeup looking fresh throughout the day. Pack blotting papers or powder to combat any shine that may occur, as well as lipstick or lip balm for touch-ups.

Having these items readily available will help you maintain your flawless look from the ceremony to the reception. Additionally, don't forget about bringing a few hair products, such as pins or hairspray, in case you need to fix any stray strands or add volume before photos or dancing begins.

Don't wear an SPF

On your wedding day, it's important to avoid wearing a sunscreen with SPF in it. While sunscreen is crucial for everyday sun protection, it can cause a white cast in flash photography.

This white cast can make your skin look washed out and unnatural in your wedding photos, which is definitely not what you want for such an important day. Instead of using a traditional sunscreen, opt for makeup products that have built-in SPF or use a lightweight moisturizer without SPF as your base.

This way, you can still protect your skin from the sun without compromising the perfect look on your special day. Remember to drink plenty of water before the big day to ensure healthy-looking skin (Important Fact 3).

Don't let a makeup artist hijack your look

It's important to remember that while a makeup artist is there to enhance your natural beauty, they should not take over and dictate your entire look. Make sure you communicate clearly with them about your preferences and desired outcome.

Show them reference photos or explain the specific style you want for your wedding day. This will help ensure that the final result is exactly what you envisioned and that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin on your special day.

Trusting yourself and being vocal about what you want will prevent anyone from hijacking your look and help create the perfect bridal beauty vision for you.

Don't rush

Give yourself plenty of time on your wedding day to get ready and don't rush through the hair and makeup process. Rushing can lead to mistakes or a less polished look, so plan ahead and allow for extra time in case of any unexpected delays.

It's better to have a relaxed morning where you can enjoy the experience rather than feeling stressed or rushed. Planning ahead will help ensure that everything goes smoothly, leaving you feeling calm and confident as you walk down the aisle.


In conclusion, achieving perfect wedding hair and makeup requires careful preparation and planning. By giving yourself time, prepping your skin, finding the right stylist, and communicating your desired look clearly, you can ensure a flawless bridal appearance on your special day.

Remember to take care of your skin, bring references to your trial run, and allocate sufficient time for hair and makeup services to create a stress-free experience. With these essential tips in mind, you'll be ready to walk down the aisle radiating beauty and confidence.


1. How far in advance should I schedule my wedding hair and makeup trials?

It is recommended to schedule your wedding hair and makeup trials at least 2-3 months before your wedding date. This allows enough time to try different styles, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure you are happy with the final look.

2. What should I bring to my wedding hair and makeup trials?

You should bring inspiration photos of hairstyles and makeup looks you like, as well as any accessories or veils you plan to wear on your wedding day. It is also helpful to wear a white or light-colored top similar to the color of your wedding dress.

3. How can I make sure my hair and makeup lasts throughout the entire wedding day?

To ensure your hair and makeup last throughout the entire wedding day, it is important to communicate with your hairstylist and makeup artist about any specific concerns or preferences you have regarding longevity. They can use products such as primers, setting sprays, and waterproof formulas that will help keep everything in place.

4. Should I do a trial run for both my hair and makeup?

Yes, it is highly recommended to do trial runs for both your hair and makeup before your wedding day. This gives you an opportunity to see how they complement each other as a whole look, make any necessary adjustments or changes if needed, and alleviate any potential stress on the actual day of the wedding.