Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Locations Around The World

3 Dec 2023·12 min to read
Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Locations Around The World 01


For centuries, people have seeked out romance in their lives. Some of the greatest stories throughout history are romances, whether they end in tragedy or wedded bliss, and will live on throughout the ages. We all love a romantic story or some grand gesture that makes us swoon! 

Perhaps one of the most romantic gestures is to marry the love of your life. Whether you choose to marry them with a large group of your closest family and friends or wed them privately, weddings are romantic moments. From royal weddings that are watched by millions of people to civil unions in a town hall, these romantic moments fill our lives with joy and love for our partner. 

By the astounding popularity of romance movies and books, it’s safe to say that society loves a good romance with a happy ending. We’ve compiled a list of the most romantic wedding locations around the world to inspire your own wedding and to delight those of us who love romantic weddings!  

The Bahamas 

Every list of wedding destinations worth its salt must start with a beach destination! Considered one of the most romantic places to wed your partner, beach weddings have been popular locations for decades. From soft white sand to perfect turquoise water, beach weddings are by far the most popular choice for destination weddings. 

While many tropical paradises exist around the world, the Bahamas are truly a beach paradise. With over 700 islands to choose from, including renting your own island, the Bahamas offers every couple their dream beach wedding. Couples can choose to have a low-key wedding on a private beach or experience the thrill of a luxury resort that includes wedding packages! 

Let the gorgeous white sand beneath your feet and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean ocean fill your ceremony with romance! The Bahamas is also an excellent choice due to their affordability and great activities for all your guests. 

Tuscany, Italy

Perhaps one of the most famous regions in all of the world, Tuscany isn’t just the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, it’s also home to stunning wedding venues. This region located in central Italy is home to Florence and Siena, both of which are perfect destinations for your ceremony or to explore with your wedding guests. 

The countryside is filled with dream-worthy villas and casas, offering some of the most luxurious and history-filled locations for you and your guests to enjoy. Most villas will include rooms for your guests, plus gorgeous settings for your ceremony. After you’ve said “I do”,  exploring the countryside as a newlywed couple through stunning historical landscapes is an absolute must! 

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

One of the top travel destinations around the world, the Yucatan Peninsula is located along Mexico’s eastern border, where picture perfect beaches meet the Caribbean sea. From party-central Cancun to the stunning Riviera Maya, the Yucatan Peninsula offers some of the most amazing wedding venues worldwide. 

Mexico is a country full of ancient history, rich food, and a vibrant culture. Traditional Mexican weddings can be considered festivals in their own right, as the Mexicans believe in large weddings and all night parties! The best part though, is while there are top-notch luxurious resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s also one of the most affordable places to travel to around the world. If you’ve been dreaming of a beach wedding that includes all of your loved ones, Mexico is budget-friendly and of course, stunning beach views, ancient temples, and delicious food! 

New York, New York

If you’re going for a classy, yet glamorous, wedding, New York City’s Public Library deserves a spot on your list! While not everyone’s first thought of a destination wedding, the New York Public Library is a stately building with marble columns, double staircases, and plenty of event spaces for your guests. 

Plus, the whole city of New York awaits you and your new spouse to explore! Think of how romantic it could be to sign your marriage certificate among books that have survived centuries? A glamorous wedding at a public library may be unusual, but it can be the ultimate romantic experience! 

Paris, France

Ahh, Paris! Arguably the most romantic city in the world, Paris welcomes over 30 million visitors yearly. Hosting one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect background for a romantic proposal. Paris is also home to rich history and culture, with many famous landmarks within the city that make for incredible wedding venues. 

The Ritz Paris is a world-famous hotel known for its opulence and is a wedding venue destination for many high society members. If the Ritz Paris isn’t exactly in your budget, the city has many venues for all budgets. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, travel outside the city to some of France’s most famous Chateaus! However you choose to tie the knot, a Parisian wedding will never be forgotten. 


Often called the emerald isle, Ireland is a lush and atmospheric country with friendly locals and deeply-held traditions. Throughout the country you can find centuries-old castles and charming villages to host your wedding. The Irish love to celebrate and will be more than welcoming as you speak your vows with your partner. They’ll also be up for late night partying with your guests as well! 

For those who wish for a luxurious and romantic wedding, we recommend Ashford Castle, located in Cong, County Mayo. A 800-year old castle filled with Irish charm, this castle can host all of your guests, trust us. With 83 bedrooms, suits, and a private cottage, you and your partner can celebrate easily with all of your loved ones. As this is a private estate, you and your guests can enjoy free reign of the castle and live out your fairytale dreams!

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Cape Town, South Africa 

An often overlooked destination, Africa has some of the most stunning wildlife and landscapes around the world. We particularly love Cape Town, which is becoming a hot spot for destination weddings! It’s not hard to see why as this town is full of history, beautiful weather, and awe-inspiring mountain ranges. 

You may be surprised to find that Cape Town is very much into their vineyards and has many resorts and estates that host weddings. Imagine saying “I do” with lush vineyards and soaring mountains around you. To further sweeten the deal, planning a safari for your guests or as your honeymoon is the perfect ending to an amazing South African wedding. 


It’s hard to beat tropical paradises for romantic weddings! Home to over 1,000 islands, it can seem like an impossible choice to choose one! However, many of the islands are not inhabited or belong to the Thai government. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a swoon-worthy island! There’s many options, but most people stick with the largest island, Phuket. 

Filled with stunning white sand beaches and tropical jungles lush for the adventuring, Phuket is the top choice among beach wedding destinations. It also is home to amazing food, scuba diving, and a vibrant nightlife. It can be the perfect destination to take your more adventurous friends and family to enjoy a lively wedding and honeymoon.  

Alberta, Canada 

If you’re looking for something a little different than a beach or city wedding, it’s time to think about Alberta, Canada! Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and large emphasis on preserving nature. They’re also known for their cold, snowy winters, but don’t let that deter you! A winter wedding can be the perfect start to your newlywed life. Picture roaring fires and pure white snow backgrounds, and you’ve got a winter wonderland perfect for romance. 

No trip to Alberta is complete without stopping at Banff Springs Hotel. This luxurious and iconic hotel is full of delightful history and five-star service. They offer some of the best skiing around, so grab your wedding party and hit the slopes! 

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Venice, Italy

The floating city is a magical destination on its own. With buildings rising from the water and boats rowing slowly down the canals, it’s no wonder this is a popular place for destination weddings. Venice has a strict no car rule and boats are the main modes of transportation. 

For those who aren’t afraid of water, a wedding on a traditional Gondola boat is the picture perfect wedding. With the setting sun hitting the canal’s water as you float with the love of your life, it’s sure to be an unforgettable start to your newlywed life. Of course, there are venues off the water as well and will offer stunning photo opportunities. Venice may be small but it’s rich with history and culture and will provide the perfect amount of romance. 


Weddings should be moments of romance however or wherever you choose to tie the knot. It is completely up to the couple and should reflect the personalities of both spouses. Destination weddings, while many are expensive, can be budget-friendly and filled with romance. 

For the adventuring couples, signing your marriage certificates on top of a fiery mountain may be the perfect beginning. Those who want a low-key wedding with minimal fuss may find themselves relaxing on a sandy beach with no worries. From Paris to Cancun, there’s stunning locations out there that will be the perfect location for every couple dreaming of a destination wedding.